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Coming Soon, Hand-Carved Marble Products

The Largest Selection of Marble Products in the World has five current sizes, the 3.5ft., 4ft., 5ft., 6ft. and 7ft. Sugar Kettle.  These kettles are made of 100% Cast Iron.  The quality is unmatched with anything the industry has ever offered for sale in the container and water gardening sector. Be on the look out for our product line in the Year 2000.  The industry is calling it the finest line of new products that have ever come out in the history of Gardening. 

Our mission statement, when bringing the finest container and water gardening product to the market place, was quite simple, to give the consumers a product that will last 300 years and be reasonably priced.  Well, now you have it, "The Historic Sugar Kettle".  You will never have so much enjoyment out of a gardening product as you will the Sugar Kettle.  Water Fountains, Planters, Gold and Koi fish ponds, Water Gardening of all kinds, and even just use them for a decorative yard ornamental piece.

Let's talk about the Sugar Kettles.  Many of you, perhaps most of you around the world have never heard of or seen a Sugar Kettle before now.  Well, as you have read in the History section of the website, it was used in the production of sugar in the late 18th Century and early 19th Century.  Today, they are being used for Container and Water Gardening products.  

You say, "What are these big kettles made of ?"  They are made of 100% Cast Iron.  The original sugar kettles have lasted for 150 years and will last for more than another 150 years.  Your sugar kettle will be an heirloom, for your family to pass down from Generation to Generation.  That is exactly why many of our clients are buying several at a time.  They are" Willing" the Sugar Kettles to their children and grandchildren.  

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Distributorships are available in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia

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