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Coming Soon, Hand-Carved Marble Products

The Largest Selection of Marble Products in the World


We invite all Landscape Architects, Architects, Landscapers, Designers, Urban Designers, Retail & Wholesale Nurseries, Antique Dealers, Water Gardener Suppliers and entrepreneurs that love to market a product that the consumer has never, before now, had a chance to purchase. would like to invite you to join our team of distributors if you or your company have a need for providing this product to your clients. is fully committed to supporting our distributors and protecting their exclusive territories.  Our staff has added an extra bonus to make your distributorship more attractive.  We have the only foundries in the world that has the ability to produce these Sugar Kettles at any real  rate of production and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find lower prices on these kettles.  Some in the industry are calling us the Wal*Mart of Sugar Kettles.  If in the future, we have competition, it will take them 10 years to catch up with our market penetration, and they will not be able to touch our prices nor touch our craftsmanship. 

Your Distributorship includes the following from;

  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices in the World; You can't find this product anywhere else.

  • Unmatched Quality

  • All kettles looking as they are 150 years old

  • Total Marketing Commitment to Support your Distributorship

  • Total Web Site Support

  • No Distributorship and/or Franchising fee

For information regarding distributorship openings in your area, contact us

 USA       Canada       Europe     Asia

The Official Container and Water Gardening Product of the New Millennium!


Distributorships are available in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia

To order Sugar Kettles email5.gif (5335 bytes)

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